Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Really Gets My Panties in a Wad ...

If you're from the United States, you'll recognize it as a routine question asked during polite conversation in the South ...

Where do you go to church?

Actually, the question itself does not bother me in the least.

However ... what really gets my panties in a wad (and excuse the crassness, but it's the only way I can describe my severe agitation) ... is the exchange that occurs after I tell local people that I attend Quest Community Church in Lexington, Kentucky.

Blank stare.

"You do?"

"Yes, and we love it!"

And then comes the statement that grates like nails on a chalkboard:

"Well, but ... that's a seeker church, isn't it?"

Pardon me, but when someone says that to me, it's all I can do to keep myself from punching their lights out.

Why does that offend me? Well ... For one thing, if you're not a church goer, let me explain the dynamic between Christians who attend traditional churches and those who attend churches like Quest.

A "seeker church" is a place where people focus on introducing God to others who have never been to church much in their lives.

But its meaning goes a little deeper than that. See, I have always connected that phrase with Spiritual Snobbery.

What the person really is saying is (not out loud, but implied) ...

"Do you really want to go to a church where most people don't have a clue about the Bible?"

"What if your kid has to go to Sunday School where the other kids might come from homes where they swear? He could hear something he shouldn't."

"Do you want to go to a place where every single sermon is one-dimensional and only focuses on John 3:16? Don't you think you should attend a church where you're challenged to dig into meaty portions of Scripture every week?"

"Seeker churches are filled with people who are very worldly, sometimes even agnostic, maybe even homeless. Why would you go to a place like that?"

"Wouldn't you rather go to a place where you can socialize with other Christians who have been Christians for a while? Why would you want to be around people who are just figuring out their spirituality?"

And on and on.

Do you think I'm being judgmental and hard on people who use the phrase, "Seeker Church?"

Maybe so ... but I know one thing's for sure ... when I tell the locals that our family loves Quest, nine times out of 10, the look I get is highly disapproving.

My question would be ... why wouldn't I go to a church like this?

Why wouldn't I want to be in a place where the Word of God is as fresh as the dew on the grass?

Why wouldn't I attend a place where people are excited -- Snoopy Happy Dance Excited -- about finding freedom and grace?

Why wouldn't I want my child to be around other children from diverse ethnic backgrounds who could use some love and encouragement?

Why wouldn't I want to be in a sanctuary where the Name of Jesus is not only praised but adored and glorified -- loudly and exuberantly -- every single week?

Why wouldn't I want to hang out with newcomers who can't wait for the sermon, who never look at their watches, who linger and prefer to staying over rushing to the line at the nearest Applebee's, whose values are on Spiritual food not their stomachs?

Seeker Church.

For the people who love to use that phrase, my question is ... Why isn't your church that way? And why would you want to go to any other type of place whose goal is anything but expanding the Kingdom?

Am I harsh?


But I just prefer to think of myself as a Seeker-lover.

In fact, I'm a Seeker, too.


  1. I'm afraid nowadays the Church as a whole is out of touch. This blog has nailed my perspective about a great deal of problems of the Church and Christians. We're to minister to and share the gospel with the SICK and the LOST. So, you go Heidi. I agree with what has you wound up. If we aren't with the sick and lost, then why are we here on earth? Have we lost the true mission and vision of Christ?

    The Church as a whole has plenty of improper perceptions about a lot of things and so do Christians. We are to seek the lost and not push them out of the church. If we forget this, we need to study the gospels again and see what Jesus really had to say and not what we just want Him to say. As a matter of fact, I'm going to take my own suggestion--starting tonight. I probably have forgotten some teachings Jesus wants me to learn.

    Thank you.


  2. Thank you, Stacy. I'm really happy that this blog entry was able to edify you in a meaningful way!


  3. Note to anonymous commenters who are critics of Quest ...

    Sorry guys, but this blog is intended to be edification for Christian believers, not a place where you can throw arrows in the dark and say libelous things.

    If you have the courage to identify yourself by name, maybe I'll print the comments. But I really won't allow my blog to become a forum for people to attack an innocent bystander while they hide behind an anonymous identity.

    Feel free to email me, though! Debate welcome. If you're really concerned about the welfare of my own spirituality, I'm sure you won't hesitate to contact me personally. Otherwise, I can be assured that you're just being used as a tool to break down and destroy something wonderful.


  4. And PS to the most recent anonymous critic:

    I started writing a more direct response to you but then realized it was HIGHLY HORMONAL. Combine hormones with anger and the outcome to the recipient of the intended remarks can be quite lethal. I won't put you through it -- my husband can attest that my worst enemies don't even deserve this type of vengeful wrath.

    Suffice it to say ... there is no need to send me such comments, because you can be assured they will not be posted. Although it's a free country, this blog does belong to me, and I do have the right to censure and protect the person that you dislike.

    We'll have to agree to disagree about Quest.


  5. Nikabrik,

    Just got your 2nd message.

    My response: Start your own blog and then you can vent to your heart's content.

    And yes, I do know when you're visiting. You have the same IP address that you did at Kingdom Treasures.