Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proof of a Love Affair

One of my friends sent me this email, and I thought it was extremely insightful regarding the way that Christians struggle in conveying their experiences to un-believers.

Read this over ... and weigh in.

Do you also struggle with the "proof" question with unbelievers? What's your tactic in responding to it?

Hi Heidi:
I kept thinking “what if the debate were about True Love instead of God?” I had an argument with an acquaintance in college just as I was falling for my husband. She tried to convince me that “true love” was a figment of my imagination and all I really had was “the hots." Her proof was the high divorce rate. Her arguments centered on how ultimately unhappy one becomes when saddled with the same person for an entire lifetime. My response was similar to my Christian defense, “I’d rather be wrong and spend the rest of my life madly in love with him, than be right and be bitterly alone every morning for the rest of my life.” She of course took this as proof that I was the most pitiable, deranged, unenlightened, brainwashed girl ever.

It was plain that she was hurt by someone at some point, or was in such need of affection she had given up on ever falling in love and was only falling in bed every chance she got. I see atheists the same way. They have substituted true love for pornography and one night stands. And then they are hateful when they see someone totally, completely glowing with the real deal. How do you argue? All you can do is hope that one day they too will fall in love. And then it will be so obvious they’ll wonder why they ever doubted true love exists.

And how would you argue that “true love” exists? Your main proof is only a feeling. All the “you’re delusional” comments could be thrown at the in-love person and piles of statistics could be put forward of the horrors that love has “caused." But still, I’m in love with Jesus. (OK – and my husband. So much for ONE true love. Ha!) How do I explain it to someone who has never been in love?

What do you think?


  1. The "true love" example is perfect for belief/love of God.One cannot "prove" feelings.True experience of the love one feels towards God is too deep for words to explain just as true love for another person can not be explained in words, but in describing "feelings". The foundation of "life in Christ, is, of course, the Bible. If one does not accept the Bible as true, there is a hurdle to overcome that makes communication tough. To understand "truth", one must begin a sincere search for truth. God knows who is sincere. He follows after like the "hound of heaven" to meet those who really search and meets that person at the point of personal need. A lifetime of "experiencing" God as Friend and Comforter is actually too hard to describe in words. That, however, does not mean that it is NOT true.
    We know there is wind, but we don't see it. We "FEEL" it and see it's effects.We know there is gravity because the doorposts stand up, but we can't "see"gravity. We know there is electircity, but we can't see it. We only see the effects of it. The illustrations go on and on. It is wonderful to experience people and Diety at a level that is too deep for words.

  2. This is a brilliant question eh?

    Personally, true love is not just a feeling, its a state of mind, not just the romantic stuff but in the little things, its about the subconcious thoughts to serve your partner when you aren't together as well as when you are, its about listening, understanding and supporting them no matter how we feel or what we think differently. I think to ask this question to any couple together for years you will get a different answer....

    Just as it you will when asking the same question likened to our Heavenly Father. Me personally, I chose to become closer to God and the Lord Jesus Christ because I wanted to keep an open mind when I heard the Plan of Salvation and the gospel principles. As i kept this open mind and read the scriptures (the king james bible as well as our book of mormon) i felt Heavenly Father confirm to me that what i was reading was true, through the Holy Spirit. Though we all get confirmation through the spirit, the none believers are often the ones that are either too afraid to open their minds for fear of not feeling or have been offended/hurt in the past. Either way their lives are limited, they can only go so far up the ladder.
    If God created them, he sure isnt going to just let go at death...otherwise what does He care?