Monday, August 20, 2012

A New Story Series for my Buddy

A dear friend of more than 20 years has struggled with his own faith questions and agnosticism.

Recently, he shared, someone told him that he was a lot like the disciple Andrew.

Now this really bugged him.

The person told him that Andrew "was the guy who made things happen." But to my friend, this characterization smacked of someone who is always hanging back, letting other people shine in the sun and never really getting any acknowledgement for their hard work, except for an occasional nod or pat on the back for being a good organizer.

He asked me what I knew about Andrew. Without knowing what he'd already been told, I stupidly piped, "Oh, he was the disciple who worked behind the scenes that no one really noticed."

Insert foot in mouth.

Now in the mornings after my child leaves for school, I take some time for quiet. This morning I felt led not to pray ... but to just sit and read. So I opened my Bible haphazardly and who do you think was right on the page in front of me?

That's right.


I read the story and then decided to dig some more. And I read another story. And another. And another.

Suddenly, a picture came together about who Andrew really was, and it was not at all like the original description I'd given my friend.

So for the benefit of my friend ... and for any of you who may feel like you are an insignificant player in the grand scheme that God has for the world ... tomorrow we'll start a new blog series ....

.... about a guy named Andy.

Hope you'll check it out.

Until then,

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