Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attacks on the Mind, Body and Soul

I know that as Christians, we're supposed to live victoriously.

This week is particularly hard for me.

Ironically, on Sunday, I prayed with some people at my church about this very thing.

This coming Sunday is a big day. We're opening our new auditorium to the public AND we are throwing a big party for the city of Lexington, Kentucky, with bands in attendance like Third Day and Jars of Clay, plus carnival rides and games -- even funnel cakes and fireworks.

We volunteer for this event so that we can be part of the remarkable experience of leading people closer to Jesus.

Problem is, when I approach these types of events, I do so not with joy but with dread.

I can predict like clockwork that I will face attacks -- on my mind (my relationships), my body (my physical health) and my soul (lots of "accusations" about my reactions to circumstantial hardships).

So on Sunday, I chatted and prayed with some wise people from my church about it.

They told me to live victoriously, that Jesus had conquered these problems and that I could rest in that. Finally, I thought, I've been able to voice the thing that has been bothering me for so long.

But then the attacks began, almost immediately.

On Sunday night, Brent became extremely angry with me for a financial mistake I'd made back in January.

On Monday, I received some disheartening news. I had ordered a new Muppet to do ventriloquism for children at the festival. But the committee in charge of children's ministries decided that the Muppet was "not approved." I felt discouraged that as much as I have tried to offer my volunteer services, I'm blocked from giving them.

And then today, Tuesday, I went to the doctor. I've had a nagging pain in my right side and am also anemic from inordinate blood loss. Turns out I have diseased organs that may also be cancerous. Surgery is not far off. This will be my fourth operation in four years.

I know that we all experience hardships and frustrations. This is part of life. I have to tell you, though, that mine seem to pile up right before or right after a spiritual experience or a time of significant closeness to Jesus.

I don't have answers for you on why.

I'm actually just venting here.

Do you go through this, too?

How do you deal with hardship?

How can I pray for you?


  1. God does not promise that we shall always be happy. We stand on the promise that JOY, which is planted down deep in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, cannot be touched by UNHAPPY circumstances. "Happy" is about "happenings". (circumstances) These are the outward things that the enemy stirs up all around us to convince us that the JOY we felt in the Holy Spirit's visitation wasn't really REAL. Actually, Satan can stir up very unhappy circumstances (outward), but cannot disturb the deep, deep "fruits of the Spirit" UNLESS we allow him personal foothold in our hearts to do that. Constant guard and quoting Scriptures, and just calling out Jesus name, will drive him away. He cannot tolerate a person suddenly being brought closer than breath to God. He cannot tolerate the riple effect it has on others. He hits us at the weakest point i.e. discouagement, distress, physical pain, etc. He is in the spiritual war to WIN. His attacks are true evidence that God is in our lives. I NEVER let him sit on my shoulder and whisper without responding, "Get behind me, Satan. You'll have to just take it with God. It is not my busines what He may or may not allow. I am TOTALLY His. Just ask Him."
    Here's the deal. Do not react about "possible test results" until tests are read and a doctor informs us of the results. Otherwise, we waste valuable creative energy worrying about something thatmay not even happen. Wait for results and claim the promise that God will see us through the fire and the flood and the EVERYTHING. That is the promise we stand on, even if we don't FEEL like it. We know the truth of His promises because of His great faithfulness to us through the years. He never fails nor changes.
    How I love personal visitations of the Holy Spirit. Without a doubt, though, "stuff begins to happen". I refuse for that to spoil my victory and my joy nor my faith that God is in control since, for a fact, I have offered up my all.
    I just stand on the facts of the matter. He gives me JOY!!! It is His gift to me.Take a deep breath and thank Him for something wonderful that happened today. Take time to sit in His presence and just "Be". He WILL bring you through. What people Do or say about you at church cannot "touch your relationship with God. It is just a bunch of people making up rules and regulations. We all stand on equal footing at the foot of the cross where the ground is LEVEL. God KNOWS His relationship to you and yours to Him. In the end result that is all that matters. God will open up WONDERFUL volunteer services at an unexpected place where your talents and gifts are really needed. This,YOU know, from all the doors He has opened to you around the world to help others through your blogs, Twitter and facebook.. This, I know from 64 yeas of personal relationship with Him. His FAITHFULNESS never changes! Trust me! This is a wondeful blog to "air" how we are realy feeling. It is a "God-thing" He helped you create for Christians to chat. ..to just sit and chat about what is REALLY going on in regular peole's lives who love Him. Go, Girl!

  2. ...http://unity.org/prayer ..i have seen God intervene mightily after submitting my problems here for prayer..it will work for you as well...just click on the "request prayer online" button ..... http://unity.org/prayer ...

  3. "How do you deal with hardship?"..
    ...eventually we will come to realize that the "siege mentality" no longer serves a useful purpose and we are able to move beyond that stage of our growth..we no longer 'SEE' Satan behind every day trials and sufferings that are common to mankind...we learn patience,faith and endurance as we strive to take all things in stride as they happen and we cease to "resist" life...we are able with practice to step back/disengage from ourselves and our situation and abide with God now in the present moment knowing that He is in Absolute control OF EVERYTHING hence when life comes at us hard and heavy we no longer experience the knee jerk reactions of the past as if something strange were happening to us..we can BE STILL and KNOW...