Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Uproar in Heaven

Pause. Stop.


When you pray for another person -- really pray -- you have just created an uproar in Heaven.

How do I know?

I have this week experienced a storm, a fallout, a catastrophe.

When I have been unable to think straight, other people have decided to pray on my behalf.

And when they prayed, I knew that all of Heaven was in an uproar.

For me.

I knew that the Son who died for my sins was pleading for me to the Father. I knew that the forces of His armies came to my aid.

And why?

Because I heard the sound of His voice, clearly, succinctly, without question.

Your prayers are powerful. When you take a cause to Him, when you stop in your day to ponder the plight of someone else, when you bow your head and whisper their name and beg for His intervention ... Heaven sounds alarms.

Heaven answers.

You may not know the result of your prayers immediately. You may not even realize that as you breathe the person's name in your thoughts that an answer is coming soon.

But I can tell you with all certainty: You've just summoned the aid of the Almighty, the Powerful, the Loving Father, the Prince of Peace, the Spirit of Truth.

Think of it.

There's an uproar in Heaven when you pray.

Have you prayed today? Have you summoned the alarm for someone else who needs it? Have you begged their cause to the King? If you love Him, you can be assured He's getting the message, loud and clear.

The uproar begins with a whisper on your lips and ends with a trumpeting shout before God Himself.

And in His mercy, love and kindness, He will rescue.

So try it now.

Pray for someone.

Raise an uproar in Heaven.

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  1. Beautiful, Heidi. I love causing an uproar everywhere I go, especially in heaven. And yes, I have prayed today for some precious friends and will add some more as the day goes along.