Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recovering from Surgery

Hi everyone,

At the wise counsel of a dear friend, I am taking this post-surgical time to rest and lean into Jesus. I do have stories swirling in my mind that I want to write for you. But my friend pointed out that this is a time for sitting still, listening and absorbing the love that Jesus has for me.

My surgery of a week ago did not go well. I lost a great deal of blood, which has made recovery difficult, and I am also battling the painful after-effects of anesthesia. I covet your prayers, especially as our family deals with "Mommy" being so sick.

When I am ready to finally post an entry, I will announce it on Twitter. You can follow me @heidiraff to know exactly when I am preparing the next story installment.

Thank you so much for your loyal following! It really encourages me immeasurably to see so many of you checking into the blog, and I am looking forward to sharing what Jesus has been teaching me during this time of immense physical suffering.

With gratefulness and love,


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  1. Yes, precious one, rest; this is the time to take care of self and to be with God. I'm sorry for the post-surgery trauma. I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago that ended in an infection that cost me 5 additional days in the hospital. It nearly killed me.

    Hang in there; better days are coming.