Monday, August 3, 2009

Tune in Tonight ...

I've taken down the last two entries because of what I have learned today via Matthew 18 and the kind guidance of one of my pastors.

I will be blogging later tonight about how we as Christians can be unified, even in the face of disagreement, and how we can be reconciled to each other as Jesus commands in that beautiful passage of the Gospel.

Thanks for checking in, and please stop by later this evening to read about how God has helped me come to some amazing truths about love, forgiveness and grace.



  1. I feel like God' smiling right now, I thoroughly enjoy your blog, was just introduced, & applaud your bravery. Glad
    you got a picture from Mathew 18 of unity,
    I got a tear when I saw this post.

  2. This is great news. Jesus is really stepping in and protecting you. Way to go!

  3. Thanks very much for the support. I will give this a good write-up tonight, promise!


    God bless.

  4. ... were so close to a personal breakthrough before being "admonished"...Now the "problem" will be suppressed until sufficent pressure builds for the next episode...had this been allowed to play out on the blog you would have seen the error of your way and admitted your wrong ON YOUR OWN without the damage control team intervening..Now however as it stands no real "personal work" got done..there will be false apologys..fake smiles and insincere hand-shakes issued.. and you are now secretly labeled a "trouble maker"....if you can count on me for anything it is THAT I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH.

  5. Hello my old friend from Kingdom Treasures,
    Thanks for your constructive comments. I do appreciate your concern. I would not have taken down the posts if I did not feel a pull on my heart by God's Spirit. Yesterday He worked with me in many ways. How do I know this? Well, when I had my discussion with my pastor, I brought up the passages of Matthew that I had been studying that morning in devotions. Coincidentally, he also had been planning to discuss those with me. There were a number of small things like that to show me that God was reaching my heart using various venues and various people.
    I appreciate your point of view and hope you'll continue to visit. Please pray for me as I work out things with the young woman in question.
    Best wishes.